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Our company, which was established in 2001, has successfully completed important projects in many branches of engineering with its dynamism, knowledge, human resources and work capacity. As a result, it has earned its places amongst the most respectable and reliable engineering and consulting companies of the country. With its dynamic and knowledgeable technical staff, it provides services in the main branches of project preparation, research-study, inspection, mapping, planning, infrastructure and project management, without compromising quality.

KPM PROJE A.Ş.’s main goals are to increase the service quality day by day, to ensure its continuity by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, to be a pioneer in the Turkish Engineering and Consultancy sector and to be a successful professional in the international sector.

We add value with our superior service quality …

Competition is rapidly increasing,
It has become a necessity to be creative and productive,
In an environment like that, only those who build solid foundations and improve themselves can survive,
For sailing to new horizons together, for working and producing and for adding value,
For developing together with our country, we exist.

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